Seasonal Book Launches, The Temporary Bookshelf

Seasonal Book Launches, The Temporary Bookshelf





17:00 – 19:30


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Book launches and gathering! Exciting!

Welcome to our book launches evening: find, read, purchase freshly printed works from Finland based authors and publishers including:
-Bum Editions: "Hone", magazine

-Valentina Černiauskaitė, Juozapas Švelnys: “Silences of Vilnius” published by Hands on Press, zine

-Victor Gogly: published by Fétiche Editions, zine

-Ronya Hirsma: "I’m collecting traces of imagined memories to build a temporary shelter", publication

-Adele Hyry: "Chicken-Legged Hunter Ladybug", artist photobook

-Photographer students of Lahti Institute of Design: "Oispa (If only)", annual calendar

-Sheung Yiu: "GROUND TRUTH", published by The Eriskay Connection, book

-varialambo (Varia Sjöström & Hatz Lambo): "KADAVER KADAVER", artist book

(All the sale goes to the authors)

A casual celebration and meeting around our local community, TTBookshelf books and friends, at the gallery…! Warm welcome~

When: Saturday 27.11 17-20:00
Where: Kosminen, Pursimiehenkatu 13,00150 Helsinki
Hope to see you soon!
The Temporary Bookshelf

Note: If you have any flu/respiratory symptoms, please do not attend the event. We recommend wearing a face mask during the event. 🙂 Thank you!

About the publications:

-“Hone”, Bum Editions
What can we learn from unlearning? Will collective action save Britain’s pubs? Can gradual change be anticipated, or even designed? How does iteration affect spontaneity, thought and beauty? Should we aim to miss? BUM Edition 4: Hone is available now (!) in a limited edition of 150 risograph-printed magazines. The edition gathers articles, projects and artworks from international contributors
BUM is a physical publication focused on culture, design and architecture, produced in limited editions using technology from the 1980s. Featuring a variety of articles, projects and artworks, BUM aims to give voice to new critics and designers.Printed in soy-based inks using a risograph duplicator, each copy of BUM is unique, and individually numbered accordingly.

-“Silences of Vilnius”,Valentina Černiauskaitė, Juozapas Švelnys
“Silences of Vilnius” by Valentina Černiauskaitė (LT) and Juozapas Švelnys (LT) is a riso publication and a cassete tape consisting of film imagery, drawings and audio recordings. The project focuses on attempt to capture the intangible phenomenon of silence. In order to comprehend silence, one shall go beyond absence of noise – attention is directed towards the events, echoes, reverberations and imprints occuring in 24 locations throughout the city centre. Both publication and cassette tape have been a part of a show “Silences of Vilnius” exhibited in September 2021 in Lithuania, Vilnius (Galerija Akademija).

-“Untitled”, Victor Gogly, Fétiche Editions
Three short texts imbued with science fiction, accompanied by visuals echoing their imaginaries: the relationship formed with microscopic parasites inhabiting skin tissue, a vision of a far future where fungi digest cities and the dream of a near future with melancholy hope.

-"I’m collecting traces of imagined memories to build a temporary shelter", Ronya Hirsma
I began collecting paper notes with scribbles, messages, and jottings on them approximately a year and a half ago. It was not an intentional decision, quite the opposite. I was drawn to the coincidental characteristics of noticing and unravelling, so I followed along. I collected traces of people that I did not know of, yet who I became aware of. Or rather: who’s existence I imagined into being. The paper notes became an extension of my imagination, or perhaps the other way around. The traces were beginnings and middles. Snippets, sequences, excerpts, arbitrary stories that were left untold. What was at first coincidental collecting, and later on a more coherent practice, formed a choreography of anonymous intimacy. I guess meaninglessness became the meaning itself.
This publication is a collection of the paper notes collected between 2020-2021

- "Oispa (If only)", Photographer students of Lahti Institute of Design
Muotoiluinstituutin valokuvaajien uudessa kalenterissa haaveillaan. “Oispa” on valokuvakirjan muotoon tehty kalenterijulkaisu, joka sisältää 16 valokuvaajan kuvasarjaa haaveista ja niiden toteuttamisesta. Vuoden 2022 kalenteri jatkaa Muotoiluinstituutin valokuvauksen opiskelijoiden 40-vuotista perinnettä

-"GROUND TRUTH", Sheung Yiu, The Eriskay Connection
What is the relation between what we see and what is there? Ground Truth observes the evolution of visual technology in conversation with our perception and surroundings. The more technology develops, the more abstract seeing becomes.
Equipped with the phenomenal power of computation, photography and hyperspectral imaging, a group of scientists set out to approach the boundaries of satellite imaging in the forests of Finland. Using meticulous on-site measurements of physical structures and spectral properties of trees, ‘ground truth’ data are experimental results to verify the performance of predicting models. Their quest is to develop an improved interpretation model of satellite data for remote sensing research, which allows us to distinguish various features of the surface beyond what is shown optically in satellite imagery.
The Eriskay Connection is a Dutch studio for book design and an independent publisher. We focus on contemporary storytelling at the intersection of photography, research and writing. In close collaboration with authors we make books as autonomous bodies of work that provide us with new and necessary insights into the world around us. The key for us is to convey the essence of their work through high quality editing, design and production. Our editions are mainly offset printed and bound in The Netherlands and we strive to work with local producers and sustainable materials as much as possible.

-"KADAVER KADAVER", varialambo (Varia Sjöström & Hatz Lambo)
Did you see the carcass? The one in the hole?Oh no, I didn’t. My headlight was a bit broken. I saw a flying embryo at my nightwalk and a puddle with gloomy stars, but no carcass – was it really lying in a hole?


Sat 27 Nov 2021 17:00 – 19:30


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