A4 collective: Värikarttoja (‘Colour maps’)

A4 collective: Värikarttoja (‘Colour maps’)




12:00 – 19:00


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Exhibition open: Fri 27.1. from 12 to 19 (vernissage in the evening 17-19)
Sat 28.1. from 12 to 16
Sun 29.1. from 12 to 16

Free entry!

Artists are present during the exhibition.

Welcome to the exhibition ‘Värikarttoja’ by A4 collective!

The exhibition is a rhizomey colour map installation made of hand-dyed ravels of thread and photographs. This colour map presents different places and the pigments hiding in them. A4 collective has chosen places that are somehow idle and easy to dismiss, e.g. the surroundings of a radio mast or an overgrown courtyard – spots that one doesn’t usually visit to enjoy the beauty of nature. In these places it’s visible how traces of human actions blend with traces of other(-than-human) agents.

Pieces of plants, litter and other small objects have been collected from every spot represented in the colour map. These have been used in traditional plant dyeing process, capturing the pigments from every spot on ravels of thread and recycled fabrics. The process of plant dyeing is slow and contains several steps, which gives one time and space to contemplate over the polymorphism of the places. In addition to the ravels and fabrics the spots are also presented in the exhibition through black and white photographs printed on recycled fabrics.

The colour map of the ‘Colour maps’ exhibition is brewing in the gallery during the exhibition. You are welcome to participate by bringing with you a small object that contains pigment, for example a piece of a plant (sticks, leaves etc.) or a biowaste.

The exhibition is part of A4 collective’s on-going project, in which the collective uses artistic practices for seeking for new ways of seeing our habitat curiously and respectfully and re-examining critically the agency of human in ecosystems.

Many thanks for supporting A4 collective’s work: Konstsamfundet Kulturfonden Mustarinda Association Nextiili Association Niilo Helander Foundation Arts Promotion Centre Finland Friends & loved ones

Vernissage sponsored by Fat Lizard, Jalotofu and The Good Guys.

The gallery space is located in the basement of an apartment building. When entering the gallery, one must walk through a short staircase (a couple of steps outside and inside). There is one toilet inside the gallery.

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Fri 27 Jan 2023 – 29 Jan 2023 12:00 – 19:00


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