Abdication of the Geniuses – Multidisciplinary Art Festival

Abdication of the Geniuses – Multidisciplinary Art Festival




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Lauantai / Saturday 29.10.2022 (11.30 – 14.30) PART 1

Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery / galleria, Apollonkatu 23 b 53, 00100 Helsinki

11:30 Ovet auki / doors open

11:50 Oksasenkatu 11 -puhe / Oksasenkatu 11 -speech

12:00 Varjo-Riitta (ääni- ja performanssitaide / sound- and performance art)

12:45 Merihevoset (video- ja tanssiteos / video- and dance performance)

13:30 Metafloora under construction – treat me like an object (of ceremony) (performanssitaide / performance art)

14:30 Oksasenkatu 11 -ohjelma loppuu ja jatkuu Maunula-talolla klo 15:00. Matkaan julkisilla kulkuvälineillä Oksasenkatu 11 -gallerialta Maunula-talolla menee noin 40 minuuttia. //// The festival continues to Maunula-talo at 15:00. It takes about half an hour to travel by trams and buses. The destination in is Maunula-talo.

Lauantai / Saturday 29.10.2022 (15:00 – 00:00) PART 2

Maunula-talo, Metsäpurontie 4, 00640 Helsinki

15:00 Levymusiikkia ja ilmaista vegaaniruokaa, kokkina Aydin Saiyar / Music and free vegetarian food by Aydin Saiyar

15.50 Maunula-talon avajaispuhe / Maunula-talo opening speech

16:00 Rag Elnyg: Vittu, it also sucks to be a man. Why no-one told me? (performanssitaide / performance art)

17:00 Ali Akbar Mehta: Narrating WAR (performanssitaide / performance art) (in English)

18:00 Hannes Renvall (ääni- ja performanssitaide / sound- and performance art)

18:30 J Koho (äänitaide / sound art)

19:00 VIDEONÄYTÖS / VIDEO SCREENING I: QUEER / FEMINIST  (Juvani, Huttunen, Tuomaala, HEMULOORDI x Rag Elnyg x Ilai Lehto) (English subtitles)

20:00 grey park (elektronika-musiikki ja videotaide / electronica & video art)

21:00 Pimeät Merliinit (kokeellinen vokaali- ja syntetisaattorimusiikki / experimental vocal- and synthesizer music) (in Finnish)

22:00 Kokeellisen Elektroniikan Seura feat. Maija Kivi & Meri Hietala (ääni- ja performanssitaide / sound and performance art)

23:00 Baila et Bordello: Always TBA (Jenna Jauhiainen x Mari Saraheimo x Pink-187) (happening with rave music)


Sunnuntai / Sunday 30.10.2022 (12:00 – 20:00) PART 3

Maunula-talo, Metsäpurontie 4, 00640 Helsinki

12:30 Kona kertoo hauskoja vitsejä + DJ / Kona tells funny jokes (in Finnish) + DJ

12:55 Sunnuntain puhe / Sunday speech

13:00 Karuselli (2015) -film (Kielletty alle 16v / rated 16 yrs) (indie-dokufiktioelokuva / indie-docufiction feature film) Kesto / duration 55 min (English subtitles)

14:00 Kasperi Laine (spoken word- ja äänitaide / spoken word- and sound art) (in Finnish)

15:00 Kanadan Dingo (kokeellinen syntetisaattori- ja drone punk / experimental synth drone punk)

16:00 VIDEONÄYTÖS / VIDEO SCREENING II: IDENTITY (Jokiranta, Saiyar, Viitahuhta, HYPERREAALIYAH) (English subtitles)

17:00 Puurunen & Pöysti (improvisoitu musiikki ja visuaalit 3D-laseilla / improvised music with visuals with 3D-glasses)

18:00 Asta Hyvärinen & Iida-Vilhelmiina Sinivalo: Konetiloja / Machine Moods (elekroakustinen musiikki / electroacoustic music)

19:00 Speech Karaoke (osallistava taide / participatory art) (hosted in English, with speeches in over 15 different languages)



Abdication of the Geniuses – Multidisciplinary Art Festival

Abdication of the Geniuses 29. – 30.10.2022 is a Multidisiplinary Art Festival which is held at Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery (Apollonkatu 23 b 53, 00100) and Maunula-talo culture center (Metsäpurontie 4, 00640) in Helsinki. The two-day festival shows, exhibits, envisions and converses interpretations of contemporary life. The artist-run festival exhibits performances and dance, video art and film, sound art and experimental music, The festival is free of charge and offers free food for our quests on Saturday 29.10. at 15:00 and as long as there is food left. We will have 100 portions of vegetarian food cooked and prepared by our festival chef Aydin Saiyar.

The festival is a safer space. This means no racism, sexism, transphobia, commenting of bodies, unnecessary gendering or ableism. This means respecting the plurality of individuals and avoiding all kinds of othering and bullying. There is also a silent room in the back for people to take a breath when needed.

Abdication of the Geniuses -exhibition (18.10 – 8.10.2022) is also exhibiting at the Maunula-talo downstairs with works from visual arts from artists Rag Elnyg, Mikko Laaksonen, Pilvari Pirtola, Emma Thomas and Illusia Juvani. You can watch short films and video art upstairs with headphones by Hinni Huttunen, Martta Tuomaala, Marja Viitahuhta and a collaborative work by HEMULOORDI, Ilai Elias Lehto and Rag Elnyg.

NOTE: Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery has a limited space for guests. Please register with your name and the name of the performance beforehand at (Headline; “Abdication of the Geniuses” and the message, for example “Jenny Doe, Metafloora”, or if you wish to see all the performances at Oksasenkatu 11, type in “All performances” ) Non-registered guests will only get in if there’s room left. Maunula-talo program doesn’t require registering.

Accessibility information

Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery is unfortunately inaccessible for wheelchairs. There’s a 3 centimeter threshold at the door which is followed by four stairs. The door’s width is 85 centimeters. The only way to enter the downstair space is through a narrow and steep staircase. We are working to fix this for the better. Maunula-talo is accessible. The main door is automatic and provides access for wheelchairs or other utilities. The roof platform parking slots has four spots for physically challenged. The Maunula-talo venue Metsäpurosali has an induction loop with a safety. Guide and hearing dogs are welcomed.

Abdication of the Geniuses -festival is supported by Oscar Öflunds Stiftelse (Oscar Öflund Foundation) and City of Helsinki. Arts Promotion Center Finland has funded the curatorial work. Oksasenkatu 11 -gallery is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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Sat 29 Oct 2022 – 30 Oct 2022 Closed today


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