Analogtheater: nur utopien sind noch realistisch

Analogtheater: nur utopien sind noch realistisch




19:00 – 20:15


broken clouds

Cologne Theatre Award, Best Performance 2017

Rosi is from Germany and she has a dream. Once in her life she would like to live in Finland in the Arctic Circle and not just as a tourist but like a real local inhabitant. One day Rosi inherits some money from her mother, finds her long lost freedom and moves to Rovaniemi.

She is 58, almost blind and she has physical constraints. In 2009, after two years in Rovaniemi she has to move back to Cologne. Vast landscapes, reindeers, mystical Lake Inari and northern lights stays in her mind as do also the everlasting longing: Will she ever be able to return to Finland?

In 2017 Rosi meets Analog Theatre’s team from Cologne. They illustrate Rosi’s experiences from Lapland to stage for a prize winning performance. In the spring 2020 Rosi was already on her way to Finland, to perform at Viirus and tell about utopias and how dreams come true. Then came the coronavirus. In the spring 2022 Rosi´s story will be finally told to the Finnish audience. What is Rosi dreaming of now? What are our dreams?

On stage: Rosi, Dorothea Förtsch, Sophie Roßfeld, Lara Pietjou, Ingmar Skrinjar
Director: Daniel Schüßler 
Props: Eva Sauermann
Music: Ben Lauber 
Visual design: Michael Schmitz 
Dramaturg: Tim Mrosek, 
Production Manager: Elsa Weiland
Light Design: Thomas Vella  
Producers: Laura Becker, Kristina Wydra, Silvia Werner 
Technician: P.J. Catsman

Duration 75 minutes

Language: German with Finnish subtitles.

Thu 12.5. 14:00 performance for schools
Fri 13.5. 19:00
Sat 14.5. 19:00 
Sun 15.5. 15:00

Location: Viirus Theatre, Helsinki, Välimerenkatu 14, Helsinki

Thu 12 May 2022 – 15 May 2022 19:00 – 20:15


broken clouds

Salomonkatu 5 B,