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Wed 7.9. & Fri–Sun 9.–11.9.
14–17 bookable hourly Bar Tender sessions, 18–21 open service (limited capacity)

Thurs 8.9.
12–21 Bebetton Happy Hours Service (artists present 12–15)

Bar Tender is a place that serves limited edition drinks-based artworks, where artists and others seeking curatorial perspectives are invited to book a time to converse with Katie Lenanton, the curator-bartender. 

Maybe you’d like to vent, ponder, bounce ideas, or share secrets? We can think together and discuss texts, language, artworks, and grant applications, for example. Let’s figure out how to spend some time together, in which listening and collective reflection combine with judgement-free service 🙂 

The artworks are made from foraged plants, buds, and fruits, served with a sweet or sour twist. Sample tastes like pine (mänty), larch (lehtikuusi), spruce (kuusi), lovage (lipstikka), rhubarb (raparperi), and more. Non alcoholic artworks are available too. 

Book to secure a place (find the booking links below). You can also stop after 18 by without an appointment, but if we’re full you might have to wait to enter. 


Curator Katie Lenanton combines feminist support practices, reciprocity, and care with her love of foraging. With Bar Tender, she experiments with presence as currency, and wonders what DIY methods can be used to cover the ongoing costs of operating an artist-run space. 

Bebetton makes country wine and navigates a rugged picnic in the waters of art. It’s an art initiative formed by Eeva Rönkä and Jani Anders Purhonen.

Bar Tender is curated by Katie Lenanton with special guests Bebetton. It features artwork contributions from Helen Aleksandrova, Farbod Fakharzadeh, Syys Huurre, Salome Rajanti, and Bogna Wiśniewska. Soundtrack vibes are courtesy of Paola Jalili and Midnight Mangonada. Thank you to Tuomo Tuovinen, and Taike for supporting this work. Bebetton’s MIF drink-making collaboration features contributions from Kim Attola, Soko Hwang, Aala Nyman, Roosa-Emilia Ronkainen, and Marianne Savallampi—thank you!

Book 1-on-1

An hour of conversation with the curator-bartender includes two artwork drinks and a few splashes for curious tasters. The recommended cost for service is €25. Those with a steady job and a disposable income, might consider a higher hourly rate. I’m a softy who recognises that asking for money and valuing your time is hard, particularly with friends, so this is negotiable! You are welcome to share your situation and needs when booking, or in person. 

For a 1-on-1, please book here.

Book Group Service

If you’re more comfortable in smaller groups, then welcome to register for the more casual Open Service evenings, in which a daily concoction will be served. A maximum of 12 people at a time can be in the space between 18–21. We can discuss art-life as a group or in smaller circles—come prepared with a burning question. 

Register your interest here.

No Need to Book on Thurs 8.9.

From 12–21, a totally open Bebetton Happy Hours Service offers numerous special wines. Some were made through a workshop collaboration with the Museum of Impossible Forms, while other experiments arose through residencies and togetherness. Welcome to stop by if you wish to learn what tomato watermelon wine with birch and maple leaves tastes like 🙂 The artists are present 12–15, then after that Katie continues service. 

Safer Spaces & Accessibility

We strive to ensure Bar Tender is a safe and confidential space, and all sessions will be conducted under these principles.

You can share accessibility needs when registering through Calendly, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. The space is wheelchair accessible with assistance: there is a movable ramp that covers the two steps in the entrance. The staff will assist with the ramp upon arrival. The door is 67 cm wide. The toilet is very small, and there are two steps on the way there. The nearest accessible toilet is a public one at Dallapé park. 

Please consider others’ health, and don’t enter if you’re feeling unwell or have flu symptoms. 

Any questions, please email katie.lenanton ( at )

Wed 07 Sep 2022 – 11 Sep 2022 Closed today


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