Drifts Art Festival

Drifts Art Festival




04:31 – 04:31

September 17th, 2022 at Cultural Centre Stoa

17. SEP Cultural Centre Stoa
5:30pm Ana Vaz – Film screening
6:00pm Foundland – Film Screening
6:10pm Hanna Maria Anttila – Film Screening 
6:30pm Sonya Schönberger – Film Screening & Artist Talk 
7:20pm Lotta Petronella- Film Screening
9:10pm TBA- Performance

Drifts Art Festival warmly welcomes you to its second edition. The festival takes place in Kontula and Itäkeskus, Helsinki.

In 2022, Drifts focuses on the theme “Ghosts” to critically think about the diverse conditions that haunt our present. Ghosts give us space to reflect on societal fears and ghostly presences; to encounter beings and histories that have been forgotten, are conflictual, or cannot be fully understood nor explained; to go deeper into practices that delve with spiritual tropes, realms, rituals, and spells. The theme will be explored with a diverse group of local and international practitioners through the public program, such as audiovisual performances, films, and lectures.

The full festival program and further information will be available at

Instagram/Facebook @driftsfestival

Sat 17 Sep 2022 Closed today