Kairos X URB festival: to be in perpetual dawn

Kairos X URB festival: to be in perpetual dawn




09:00 – 19:00


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With: Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

to be in perpetual dawn is to be in a place of new beginnings. The exhibition is a place where we come together and re-imagine generational and societal narratives.

We are the ancestors of the future, and it is important for us to be conscious of the stories that we pass on. How are we letting go of narratives that limit us individually and divide us collectively?

to be in perpetual dawn is to be in a place of new beginnings.

It is to be in a place where we come together and re-imagine generational and societal narratives.

The exhibition is open during Caisa’s opening hours.

As a practice of decolonizing creativity, the exhibition features a programme that expands upon the experience of the gallery through events and workshops. More info on the programme can be found on the schedule below. Welcome!

Events organized in the gallery:

3 June – Opening – 16.00
4 June – Guided tour of the exhibition in Finnish sign language – 13.00–14.00
4 June – Artistry of Braiding workshop – 14.00–17.00
6 June – Magdalena Sofia | Skábma Pieski | Ajak Majok: Three performances – 17.00–19.00 – Max 30 people
7 June – Kairos Spoken Word workshop – 17.00–19.30 – Max 6 people
8 June – Penny for a Thought live podcast – 17.00
12 June – Kairos Screening @ Kiasma – 14.00–17.00 at Kiasma
18 June – UFC x Sunna screening @ Caisa – 18.00

The screening on 18 June is not a part of the URB festival programme.

Kairos is an organization that curates events, such as workshops, poetry sessions, and experimental exhibitions.

At its heart, Kairos is passionate about decolonizing creativity and re-imagining art spaces as communal spaces. Putting these motives to practise, Kairos curates cultural events such as workshops, open stages, and experimental exhibitions. Each event is designed to be communal; they are a soft space to share inspiration.

While the spaces are open to everyone, this organization is focused on expanding marginalized representation and creating intersectional cultures.

The meaning of the word kairos (n.) describes the delicate perfectness of time and place that allows for certain movements and words to happen.

Featured artists:
Sophia Mitiku & Karoliina Kasurinen
Saban Ramadani
Landys Roimola
Melissa Linsa
Haliz Yosef

URB is a street art and culture festival produced by Kiasma Theatre annually since 2000. The festival presents the influence of ever-changing street art and youth culture on different forms of contemporary art.

Fri 03 Jun 2022 – 18 Jun 2022 09:00 – 19:00


few clouds

Kaikukatu 4 B,
00530 Helsinki