Reading Group: Intertitles

Reading Group: Intertitles




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With true love for books and continuous meetings, we are finally bringing our Reading Group back for spring season! Reading sessions led by Jo Hislop begin next Wednesday, 15th of March, 5-7pm, with a pick of three poetic works.

Reading Group is a monthly chance to meet informally, read and collectively discuss topics that arise from the selected text-based work. Following on from our meetings in the autumn, this spring’s program stems from current PUBLICS discourse and brings focus to the voice, complexities of language and listening.

In the first session of the year, we are introducing Intertitles, edited by Jess Chandler, Aimee Selby, Hana Nororali & Lynton Talbot. Intertitles brings together an eclectic range of works that sit between writing and visual art. We will read three poetic works from this collection that all play with the possibilities of artistic voice within the realms of language, sound and writing. Encompassing themes such as: the mother tongue and where sound lives in the body, all three works use voice to summon the attention of the reader in remarkable different ways.

On Wednesday’s session we are reading:

– Shh by Fatema Abdoolcarim

– This Voice by Laure Prouvost

– Blackbirds by Jasper List Thomsen

Reading groups are open and free to everyone, no previous experience or knowledge of the text required. See you at PUBLICS Library!

In order to get a PDF copy of the selected publication in advance, send an email to

Note: Reader discretion advised. This book contains language that some readers may find disturbing, including reference to sexual and emotional abuse, physical violence and drug use.

Jo Hislop is an artist and producer working across photography, film and writing. Her work explores the nuances and intricacies of sensorial and bodily experience. Originally from the North of England, she is currently based in Helsinki.

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