Ruusu Open Mic #41

Ruusu Open Mic #41




05:59 – 05:59

Welcome to Ruusu Open Mic, Sunday 23.10!

Performing this time is Ulv Janger and Nelli Ruotsalainen.

Ulv Janger is inspired by honesty, embarrassing moments, the Laserskater, Spiderman, and optimistically seeing poetry as an artform capable of dispersing the class structures.Veikka Kalavainen is an actor-musician-poet who identifies Ulv Janger as his Alter ego. Veikka is inspired by the first memories, play, traditions of sung poetry in Karelia as well as that done in the continent of Africa, and by the weird moments when you can’t stop laughing even though the moment doesn’t call for it.

Nelli Ruotsalainen’s newly published second book of poetry Jälkivuoto is about the poetic description of late pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Nelli’s strongly physical poetry is dedicated to those that are pregnant. At Ruusu we will listen to Nelli’s written prose set to Amanda Martikainen’s soundscapes set to Jälkivuoto’s poetry.

As usual, after the performances, there´s the Open Mic! We welcome performances in any languages, as long as it takes apparently 4 minutes.

This event is produced by HPC, Tania Nathan and Kris Puukari. Poster is made by Tea Tauriainen.

And special thanks to our longtime sponsors, Rautakukka and venue Sörkän Ruusu.

Ruusu Open Mic is free from any discrimination. We don’t accept any racist or hateful content or behaviour. Please also note that we advise performers to state content warnings regarding their poems. Our event adheres to Safer Space Guidelines as found on HPC’s website.

Please only attend if you have no symptoms of Covid. Unfortunately, Sörkan Ruusu is non-accessible. At the main entrance ~ 20cm step and door ~ 60cm wide, side door ~ 20cm step and door ~ 55cm wide, no ramps. There is an induction loop available at the venue.

Sun 23 Oct 2022 Closed today