Saturday Workshops

Saturday Workshops




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Get to know contemporary art by creating it! Saturday Workshops at Kiasma are free for all museum visitors. The workshops are suitable for children aged 3 and above; children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. No previous experience is required. The workshop theme changes weekly.

12.11.2022 at 13–16

19.11.2022 at 13–16

26.11.2022 at 13–16

suitable for children

Kiasma Workshop space, 5th floor.

Tickets: with a museum ticket

General info

The drop-in workshops run from 13–16. You can enter the workshop between these times whenever suits you best.

The workshop languages are Finnish and English.


Saturday, 24 September, from 13–16: Shared story

Create a serial story by drawing and painting! We will create the story’s setting and characters from a variety of shapes, such as drops, splashes and lines. You may continue another workshop participant’s story or give yours to others to continue.

Medium: watercolour, charcoal powder, charcoal drawing

Saturday, 1 October, from 13–16: Layered stories

Draw and write a story in three pictures on transparent sheets. What will happen in your pictures? How does the story look when you change the order of the pictures or place them on top of each other?

Medium: markers on transparencies

Saturday, 8 October, from 13–16: Portrait of a friend

Spend time with others in a new way – draw a portrait! We will create portraits with pencil on paper. By carefully observing and drawing, you can discover more about an old friend or new acquaintance.

Medium: pencil drawing

Saturday, 15 October, from 13–16: What happened?

Do you ever feel like “making a scene”? In this workshop, you get to set a scene using all kinds of props. When your composition is ready, you can take a photo and share with others, if you wish. You can use your own phone or tablet to take the photo, or you can borrow a tablet from Kiasma.

Medium: object composition and its documentation with a camera

Saturday, 22 October, from 13–16: On the surface of the earth

Touch tree bark, look at stones! We will use a magnifying glass to examine materials and textures and then express our observations on paper with pastel crayons.

Medium: pastels and magnifying glasses

Saturday, 29 October, from 13–16: Observe the plant

Plants are living things that have fascinating shapes and structures. In the workshop, we will observe plants carefully and create figures from our observations by drawing and painting.

Medium: ink drawing and watercolour wash

Saturday, 12 November, from 13–16: The magic of the line

Draw pictures with just one line! We will add line drawings to picture postcards and other images. What change, feature or new route will your line make in the picture? How does the feel of the picture change?

Medium: ink on paper, postcards, images

Saturday, 19 November, from 13–16: Puppet

What kind of puppet would you like to make? We will use fabric, wire and other simple materials to create hanging puppets.

Medium: mixed media

Saturday, 26 November, from 13–16: The sound of art

Open your ears and let your imagination run wild! This art workshop combines music with drawing. Join us in exploring sounds that shapes and colours evoke. We will create a drawing with crayons.

Medium: crayons and sounds

Sat 24 Sep 2022 – 26 Nov 2022 Closed today



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