Art and Disability Activism – panel discussion at CrossOver Festival

Art and Disability Activism – panel discussion at CrossOver Festival




15:30 – 16:30

A warm welcome to follow the panel discussion Art and Disability Activism on Saturday 4th June from 3.30pm to 4.30pm at the CrossOver Festival! You can follow the discussion live at the Helsinki Music Centre’s Restaurant – Club or on Eucrea Finland’s Youtube stream!

This year, CrossOver’s panel discussion will address the relation between art and disability activism. How can disability activism be visible in art? Can one make a difference through the means of art? How do the roles and identities of an artist and an activist connect?

The panelists are artists Julianna Brandt, Sami Helle, Isa Hukka and Mika Leminen (MC Cepari). The discussion will be moderated by art historian, curator and producer Marianne Savallampi.

The language of the panel discussion is Finnish. In addition, we strive to provide print interpretation and interpretation to Finnish Sign Language. Music Centre’s Restaurant – Club is accessible. Entrance to the Restaurant – Club is from the door on the Kansalaistori Square side of the Music Centre.

The discussion is supported by Kone Foundation and it is co-organized by the University of Helsinki’s research project Performing disability activism. Acts and stories of activism and the Finnish disability movement and Culture for All’s project Making space for artistry – equity for disabled artists and artists who are Sign Language users. The CrossOver Festival is organized by the Cultural Association Finland’s Eucrea.

Sat 04 Jun 2022 15:30 – 16:30