Breath Play: Julius Elo and Olga Spyropoulou

Breath Play: Julius Elo and Olga Spyropoulou




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How to breathe in a performance?

Breath play is a durational participatory performance which will take your breath away. This journey into breathing is realised within 5 days and takes the form of a short encounter per day through a different medium: by email, text message, one-on-one encounter, and a live installation.

Each day, participants get instructions which increase their awareness of their breath and the breathing with others. The performance takes place in three different locations: your everyday environment, a covert site and an art venue.

Breath play is an invitation to explore breath for people who are curious to feel and see a performance through breathing and to embody the performance in their everyday life.

The performance is held on two separate weeks, either on week 34 (22-26.8) or week 35 (29.8.–2.9.)

For the week 34 performance:

One-on-one encounters will happen either on 23.8 or on 24.8

Participants will choose the date and time for their one-on-one encounter through the booking form. The encounter lasts approximately 1 hour, and takes place in a centrally located venue (10 minutes walk from the metro station). The exact location will be disclosed only to performance participants 

The live installation will take place at Outo Olo (Vaasankatu 15, 00500 Helsinki) on 25.08. at 7pm. In order to participate to the live installation, please do register for the ticket.



Mon 22 Aug 2022 – 02 Sep 2022 00:00 – 00:00


light rain

Vaasankatu 15,
00500 Helsinki