CreativeMornings/Helsinki: Corruption with Eliza Jäppinen 31st March

CreativeMornings/Helsinki: Corruption with Eliza Jäppinen 31st March




10:33 – 10:33

Breakfast with the creator of the Studio Killers universe? Sorted! On March 31st, Eliza Jäppinen talks gaming, money, power, and more – in line with this month’s CreativeMornings global theme, Corruption.

As CEO of the entertainment company Visible Realms, Eliza merges visual arts with business, having discovered an overt disconnect between creativity and business opportunity. In order to challenge the system and, ultimately, make it incrementally better, the multimedia pioneer sees the value in understanding the rules at play – and urges fellow artists to do the same.

In a world where money goes hand in hand with power and projects depend on support from those in privileged positions, how does one make a difference? Plus, what’s next for Studio Killers, known for going viral with their visual finesse à la Eliza?

Get going with baked goodies at 8:15 am when doors open, join the talk that starts at 9 am. Everyone’s invited and it won’t cost you a dime. See you at the Design Museum for another exciting instalment of CreativeMornings/Helsinki!

Fri 31 Mar 2023 Closed today