CreaTures at the Cooler Planet exhibition

CreaTures at the Cooler Planet exhibition




06:30 – 06:30

With: Aalto galleries

7 September — 12 October 2022
Aalto Otaniemi Campus
Otaniementie 14, 02150 Espoo, FI

Pixelache Helsinki contributes to CreaTures at the Cooler Planet exhibition.

The CreaTures (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures) research project investigates the role of existing – yet often hidden – creative practices in moving the world towards eco-social sustainability. The EU H2020 project responds to the current environmental and social challenges and the urgent need to find new ways of living together on the planet to restore and preserve our ecosystems.

CreaTures is a collaboration between Aalto University as a coordinator with 3 other universities (Utrecht University, the University of Sussex, RMIT University) and 7 cultural institutions and art-design collectives (Zemos98, Superflux, Kersnikova, Hellon, Furtherfield, Sniffer, OKFI).

Learn more about CreaTures here, or through our Pixelache website

The Cooler Planet exhibition features 7 experimental productions from the CreaTures Laboratory – a collection of art and design projects following the common goal of supporting positive eco-social change.

Wed 07 Sep 2022 – 12 Oct 2022 Closed today