KAIROS x Drifts Festival: Spoken word open mic

KAIROS x Drifts Festival: Spoken word open mic




23:53 – 23:53


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This open stage is for your spoken word poetry, while still welcoming all forms of performative poetry ( music, dance, smiling etc

The host Kihwa-Endale will be sharing her poems in between performances.

The theme ‘Kuunsilta’ comes with these initial starting points:

What parts of yourself are hard to see, not because they don’t exist – but because they are hidden.
Is there a person that you feel closest to, even though they are absent from your everyday life? Do you still see your past in your present?

What are your thoughts, stories and poems?

Sign up for the open stage is recommended, on Instagram.

If you have questions around the theme or if you have some other art form you would like to perform, please don’t hesitate to suggest or ask.
Hope to see you there ☁️🤍

More info on the program can be found @driftsfestival
Free Entry

Sat 03 Sep 2022 Closed today


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Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus,
00900 Helsinki