Metafloora under construction – treat me like an object (of ceremony)

Metafloora under construction – treat me like an object (of ceremony)




15:05 – 15:05



Performance dates

25.10 klo 20 Premiere
26.10 klo 20
27.10 klo 20
28.10 klo 20

Duration is approximately 1h.
Performance is free of charge.
There is a limited amount of tickets available to the performances. Ticket reservations will open at
7.10 and you can send them to

Performance band Metafloora got invited to throw a gig in Oksasenkatu 11 gallery space after their phenomenal debut at Mad House a year ago. Unfortunately, a small inconvenience has occurred – the band has broken up – and is now under heavy construction.

“I was a pop star. I was a band member. I was an entertainer. I was promising young a super-hyper-mega-hot star who just wanted to be looked at. To be admired. To be liked. Was that too much to ask for?”

Metafloora invites its audience for a visit to a construction site of objectification ceremonies.

Capitalism makes us all different kinds of objects and tools with various functions under its rules. The main goal is to make people, but also animals, land, nature, et cetera as efficient as possible. The act of objectification can be treating a person as an object or a thing. Usually, we have been trained to see objects or to be seen as objects through white-hetero-able-bodied-cis-(male)-gaze. Finding different ways to see and be with others around us needs to be deconstructed. We want to try to playfully rebuild our objectified bodies in front of your eyes and be constantly under construction.

What can we experience by objectifying ourselves? What can we find by surrendering to the objectifying gaze? Or by challenging it? How can we, by intentionally re-objectifying us, create a construction site of imagination, collectivity, transformations, grief, loss and change?

“I did not want to become anything else than what I already was. But what was I?”

Working group: Martta Jylhä, Minna Lund, Mimi Kantola ja Saana Volanen
Outside eye: Ella Snellman
Language: partly English and Finnish
Content notes: content notes will be completed closer to the performances

Accessibility info: Unfortunately the Oksasenkatu 11 gallery space is not accessible. There is a 3 cm high doorstep and rampless staircase of four steps when entering the space. The width of the door is 85 cm. When entering downstairs you have to go down steep stairs to get to the ground floor space. There is no elevator to the cellar. There is a small toilet in the space. Due to COVID-19 masks are recommended, although performers will not be using them while performing. Please contact us if you have anything to ask (!


Artistic collective Metafloora, founded in 2020 consists of dramaturg Martta Jylhä, director-lyricist Minna Lund, sound designer-musician Mimi Kantola, scenographer-lighting designer Saana Volanen and costume designer Ella Snellman.

“We are a gentle attention seeking project. We are prom bitches with bad taste. We are a pack of crying wolves. We are worms eating our way out of our brutal reality. We arise from the ruins of severely broken hearts. We invite you to crying sessions, to our garden of rotten aggressions. Metafloora is liquid: constantly questioning its form and content. We steal from popstars, borrow from classics and combine poetry with autotune. Some of us play instruments, some of us don’t. Our shows can be anything and we dedicate them to the things that bloom, for those who dream, cry and die.”

Instagram: @metafloora


Tue 25 Oct 2022 – 28 Oct 2022 Closed today



Oksasenkatu 11,