Performing a Lifetime: Book launch

Performing a Lifetime: Book launch




11:26 – 11:26


clear sky

Thursday, April 28th, 18–21

Performing a Lifetime is a book exploring bodies and identities belonging to the in-between. Saara Mahbouba and Gladys Camilo reflect on the complications of navigating between accurate representation of oneself and one’s community and the traps of performativity, appropriation, and self-exploitation. Exploring the complexities of working ethically in a contemporary art scene that simultaneously lauds and punishes otherness, Performing a Lifetime taps into the artists’ personal experiences of embodying identities that are neither fully within nor without categories of otherness and hegemonic bodies.

Text: Saara Mahbouba
Paintings: Gladys Camilo
Publisher: quince ediciones

Saara Mahbouba (b. San Jose, CA) is a visual artist, writer, and artistic researcher currently based in Helsinki. Her research interests are primarily in the intersection of identity and labor and her projects typically engage with a mix of critical theory and pop culture.

Gladys Camilo (b. Compton, CA) is a visual artist, cultural worker, and DJ. She is interested in the intersections of identity and trauma, collective feeling and the fostering of safer spaces to explore vulnerability and co-care; to dream and explore alternative realities of opacity and agency over her (our) trauma.

quince ediciones is the long distance publishing project of friends Daniel Bolívar and Paola Jalili, currently designed in Mexico City and edited in Helsinki.

Supported by FRAME Contemporary Art Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

Thu 28 Apr 2022 Closed today


clear sky

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