Reading Group: Quantum Listening

Reading Group: Quantum Listening




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Our second Reading Group this spring is on April 12th. 

Reading Group is a monthly chance to meet informally, read and collectively discuss topics that arise from the selected text-based work. Following on from our meetings in the autumn, this spring’s program stems from current PUBLICS discourse and brings focus to the voice, complexities of language and listening.

During this session we will be reading:

– Quantum Listening, Pauline Oliveros (1999) Published 2022 Ignota Books  (First Published 2010)

– From Practice to Theory (To Practice Practice) (Page 27-64)

Quantum Listening is an essay written by the pioneering American performer and composer, Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016). Guiding the reader through the concepts of deep listening and quantum listening, this work traces the way listening is embedded within personal, spiritual and ethical spheres.

Drawing upon her life and career, Oliveros describes how her practice evolved and was informed by an expanded idea of the role of listening. She makes the case for a deeper, more holistic form of engaging with sound that takes in to account the interconnected nature of matter, even extending to sounds of the imagination. The essay suggests that deep listening can not only shape the way we engage with sound and music, but as an active and transformative process, it has the potential to filter in to and inform to almost all aspects of life.

At the end of the session we will practice one of Pauline Oliveros’ ‘recipes’ for listening through a sonic meditation.

Reading group is led by Jo Hislop and is open and free to everyone, no previous experience or knowledge of the text required.

In order to get a PDF copy of the selected publication in advance, send an email to

Jo Hislop is an artist and producer working across photography, film and writing. Her work explores the nuances and intricacies of sensorial and bodily experience. Originally from the North of England, she is currently based in Helsinki.

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