Sara Kovamäki & Paula Saraste: Let us Stay for a While

Sara Kovamäki & Paula Saraste: Let us Stay for a While




12:00 – 18:00


broken clouds

Performances 14.7.2022 5pm and 23.7.2022 at 3pm and once spontaneously during the gallery’s opening hours.

Something that profoundly unites us is being exposed to time. We have dreams about collective traumas and share consciousness of the limitations of time, of an unknown end. News, dreams and the shared unconscious shape our being and our sense of time. The exhibition proposes to stop for a while by these thoughts. What if we were suddenly able to concentrate and listen deeply? To change?

In the exhibition, we approach the experience of time and the relation of different media to time through the parallel and mirroring levels we create between film and performance. References to nature and machinery like film production where even nature can be part of a set design, are intertwined in the gallery space into a dialog. We create encounters between what is planned and things happening by chance. Different ways of dealing with time emerge in the exhibition space, in the film and in the performance.

The exhibited film tells the story of a weekend on a lonely island. The characters detect a mysterious accident near the island and rescue one survivor from the water. Unexplained incidents sensitise the protagonist to past experiences and fears.

The installation in the exhibition space is inspired by the island featured in the film as well as the filming work itself. It contains materials collected from the shooting locations as well as video footage with moments and memories from the time spent on the island. The performance will take place in the gallery space twice as scheduled and once by chance.

As artists, Kovamäki and Saraste share interest in the intersections of visual and performing arts. They have been performing together in galleries, on stage and outdoors since 2009. Interdisciplinarity and openness to different ways of working are characteristic of their work. The film and exhibition Let us Stay for a While is their first collaboration, in which two different time based media meet each other from their own specific starting points.

Paula Saraste (b. 1981 Viitasaari, Finland) is a visual artist and filmmaker living and working in Helsinki and Berlin. Her main artistic tools are digital film, photography and performance. Her works often have a psychological starting point and they relate thematically to the collapse of rationality, melancholy, fear, control, and identity. She received her MfA Degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. Her latest solo exhibition All things, passing was in the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte Studio in Helsinki (2020) and she has taken part in exhibitions in Finland and abroad, most recently Fresh Legs, Berlin (2022) and Fragments from the Unknown, Helsinki (2021).

Sara Kovamäki (b. 1981, Lahti, Finland) is a dancer and multidisciplinary artist working with video, performance and installation site and situation specifically. Continuum of different durations and variations are characteristic in her practice. Improvisation plays a central role in it. In her practice the body is often the mediator, the embodiment, between the external and internal worlds. Sara is interested in layers of social situations and feelings that overwhelm, chafe, leak through, solidify and then continue their own lives in various uncontrollable ways. Most of all Sara is impressed by the possibilities of art as transformation, play, poetry, unfinishedness and hope. Collective ways of working are challenging but also the closest to her heart. Sara graduated from the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2017 (MfA) and from the Theater Academy as a Bachelor of Arts in 2008.

The exhibition and the artworks have been made possible by generous support from The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland AVEK and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Thu 30 Jun 2022 – 24 Jul 2022 12:00 – 18:00


broken clouds

Uudenmaankatu 23 F
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