Sinikka Kurkinen: Pilvi ja esikuva / Cloud and Example

Sinikka Kurkinen: Pilvi ja esikuva / Cloud and Example




12:00 – 18:00


light snow

Opening and summer party on Wednesday, 10 August, at 5.30–8pm

Refreshments served outdoors, by the Teurastamon portti restaurant
Classical guitar music by guitar artist Jyrki Myllärinen

All very welcome!

Sinikka Kurkinen is probably the most significant Finnish artist you haven’t yet heard of. She is a forceful image-thinker, a bold but also subtle colourist. Already in 1968, the Tampere critic Veli-Matti Kaitala called her ‘a colour painter in the grand style’.

One reason Kurkinen has remained unknown to a wider public is that she hasn’t exhibited in Helsinki for more than 15 years. After finishing her studies at the School of the Finnish Art Academy in Helsinki in 1960, and after spending another year in Paris, she has lived and worked in Imatra in eastern Finland, where she was born on her parents’ small farm in 1935.

Kohta is pleased to announce a survey exhibition of her career, featuring more than 50 paintings, larger and smaller, and covering more than 50 years of intense artistic activity from Change (1971) and In Fond Memory (1972) to Herbs of the Night (2021) and A Special Spring (2022).

Cloud and Example is the title of a large painting from 1987. Kurkinen uses the Finnish word esikuva, which is futures-oriented rather than retrospective: an example for someone – in this case us as viewers – rather than an example of something.

Work titles are important for Kurkinen. Her oeuvre forms an autonomous aesthetic system, but it remains open to the world outside painting, especially to language, music and her immediate geographic surroundings.

Thu 11 Aug 2022 – 09 Oct 2022 12:00 – 18:00


light snow

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