Susanne Montatag-Wärnå: Breathing Virtual Reality

Susanne Montatag-Wärnå: Breathing Virtual Reality




17:34 – 17:34

Breathing Virtual Reality is a workshop targeted to people working with virtual reality and people involved in virtual reality creation.

During the workshop we will exercise a variety of tasks for movement observation. We will move all body parts in such a way, that we learn to distinguish between different Principles of movement (e.g Connectivity or Breath-Support). Themes of movement (e.g Mobility-Stability, Expression-Function) and categories of Movement Observation (e.g Space, Body, Effort (dynamics) etc.

In the end of the workshop there will be possibly an exchange of experienced observations. The exchange can happen as well in demonstrative movement actions as it is also possible to note the perceived bodily information in words or other symbolic ways.

Who can participate?

This workshop is for VR experts and enthusiasts , who are curious about new tools for observing the complexity of a moving body  and (who are) who wish to make embodied experiences for further transmissions into their own workfield.

Previous knowledge in the fields of dance or movement arts is not needed.

What will I get out of this workshop if I participate?

The knowledge we will gain is embodied knowledge, which is now available to be transfered into other fields of application, such as Virtual Reality.

While we experience movement as an individual or as a group, we will gain insights not only on the system of a moving body, but also on the fact, that all movement is happening in relationship to the environment, in a phrased order and in connection to the inner intention and the outer circumstances.

The workshop is cost-free for attenders.

If you are a person working in creating virtual reality, contact

Date: Thursday 29.9. or Friday 30.9. at 10-17.

Thu 29 Sep 2022 – 30 Sep 2022 Closed today