Tracing Work

Tracing Work




11:00 – 18:00


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Tracing Work is an exhibition which brings together themes related to work and the working process in various ways. Topics examined through the artworks include the unnoticed work of the artist, the artist’s livelihood, the history of the labour movement, and the transience of one’s own work and its preservation, for example. The name of the exhibition, Tracing Work, alludes to the memories evoked by art, the tracing of the artists, our perceptions of the world.The word trace can be understood as something passive, but it can also refer to a more active process or activity. Tracing means to leave an impression, to make a mark, to mark something down.

The process of making art includes an aspect of loneliness and insecurity, while in collaborative artistic projects the artists must be able to negotiate and to make choices and value judgments

We often think of work as something that can be seen – a goal-oriented process. However, much of the work we do remains concealed; it is meta-work that is performed for the purpose of working.

The exhibition is curated by students of the Praxis Master’s Programme, and it is intended to present the audience with different roles and ways of experiencing things in the context of the themes of the exhibition. Depending on the artwork and the precise date, the guests may find themselves in the role of a spectator, an experiencer, or a participant. They may also have the opportunity to use their body as a cast in an expanding work of art. In their search for traces, the audience can follow pathways introduced by several performances, the Artist’s Archives workshop that emphasises the importance of preservation, and the interviews of professional artists that will be organised in connection with the exhibition.


Yun-Chen Chang
Natalie Eliassen
Taina Hakala & participants in Taiteilijan arkistot workshop
Domènec & Jon Irigoyen
Anni Laukka
Klaus Maunuksela & work group


Tracing Work exhibition is curated by Praxis students Ida Enegren, Krister Gråhn, Jarkko Partanen, Joonas Pulkkinen and Johanna Rojola.

Yun-Chen Chang – Still Changing: Landscape

On weekends, a performance is presented as part of Yun-Chen Chang’s work Still Changing: Landscape. In the performance, the body of the performer, as well as the audience, is absorbed as part of an ever-changing installation. The installation is open to the public between the performances throughout the exhibition.

Sun 13.3 at 14
Sat 19.3 at 14
Sun 27.3 at 14
Sun 3.4 at 14

Natalie Eliassen: Breastfall – Sign up & volunteer!

Natalie Eliassen`s Breastfall grows and evolves throughout the exhibition timeline. You can volunteer your breasts to be casted and added to the growing waterfall. All genders, shapes and sizes are welcome. Making of the mold with Natalie takes in total 1,5h.

Read more and sign up for a session here.

Fri 11 Mar 2022 – 03 Apr 2022 11:00 – 18:00


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