Venla Ekebom, Erno Pennanen

Venla Ekebom, Erno Pennanen




11:00 – 18:00

Venla Ekebom: Solitude

The artwork can sometimes be dark, unnerving or foreboding. At times it can seem funny or slightly skewed. There is often a sense of larger narrative at play that affects the atmosphere and feel of the paintings. Something tragic or traumatic? Maybe post apocalyptic? Has the nature taken over and the humans suddenly gone extinct? Or are they forced to live or behave in new ways?

Venla Ekebom (b. 1995) is a visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. She is currently finishing her masters at Uniarts Helsinki‘s Academy of Fine Arts at the study area of painting. She is exploring the pictorial as different forms of investigations in what painting is, keeping a dialogue with contemporary painting figuration as with the history of painting.

Ekebom has shown work in many group shows including Spaceship Dungeon Zoo, Slade School & Alvaro Barrez, London (2019), Noise exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Parish Church, London (2019), Academy of Fine Arts BFA graduates‘ degree exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2019) and Set the Borders on Fire!, KuvA & Slade School of Fine Art, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki (2019).

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Erno Pennanen: Many Worlds

Erno Pennanen uses photography in his work as a reference. When painting, the portrait of a person disappears. The figure takes on a new form which becomes the most essential part of the dynamics in the painting. In his paintings, Pennanen also puts his focus on color, and approaches the correlations and borders of modern science and art. On a closer look, the surface of the paintings form layers, of which the thinnest are like curtains of color particles rubbed on the canvas

Erno Pennanen (b. 1989) is a painter whose work focuses on figure. Pennanen is currently finishing his MFA studies in the Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated as a BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2020. Pennanen will also be in the Kuvan Kevät 2022 exhibition.

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Fri 18 Mar 2022 – 03 Apr 2022 11:00 – 18:00