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few clouds

1st floor, Kiasma Theatre
Tickets: 27,50 € / 18,50 €
Ticket sales online end one hour before the show. After this, tickets can still be purchased at Kiasma’s information desk if there are any left. The ticket includes admission to the exhibitions on the day of the performance. The duration of the performance will be confirmed closer to the premiere.

22.9.2022 at 19–20.30
24.9.2022 at 15–16.30
25.9.2022 at 15–16.30
28.9.2022 at 19–20.30
30.9.2022 at 19–20.30
1.10.2022 at 15–16.30

A ritualistic contemporary dance performance that dives into the depths of the subconscious, a revivalist movement that invites you to wander into the twilight zone of the mind.

Wakey-wakey is a contemporary dance performance which creates a psychedelic space that promotes transitions from one layer of the subconscious to another. It is inspired by trance as well as dreams, poems and emotional political texts.

The production team uses the structure of rituals to dive into the internal reality of the mind. However, the multi-disciplinary work reverses the direction of awakening, which leaves reality behind and plunges into the undercurrents of consciousness, into a noise that lies under everyday life and is only glimpsed in memories of nightly visions and lapses into reverie.

The dance performance is part of a revivalist movement that invites the viewer to wander into the shadowy realms of the mind. It explores a variety of issues ranging from political and religious revivalism to the death of the ego caused by psychedelic drugs or phenomena. Such states of mind are often described as an ability to see things in a new light or as the re-discovery of a lost truth. As a result, the reality one has left behind appears to be alien.

The artists

Mikko Niemistö
Mikko Niemistö is a choreographer, performance artist and curator based in Helsinki and abroad. He has created solo works as well as multidisciplinary pieces that embody a dialogue between artistic disciplines. His works explore the relationship of the human body to its environment as well as our conscious and unconscious bodily connections to social structures.

Karolina Ginman
Karolina Ginman is a dancer and choreographer based in Helsinki. She is interested in the deeply sensed and thoroughly lived creative body that speaks its poetry beyond reason. 

Johannes Vartola
Johannes Vartola is an artist and sound designer based in Helsinki. His work typically involves the philosophy of humanity’s relationship with nature and the politics of spaces and places. Vartola’s specialities are experimentalism, audience participation and documentary.

Justus Kantakoski
Justus Kantakoski is a fashion designer and performance artist whose mediums are contemporary art, handicraft, performance art and video art. Their work has been awarded in Finland as well as internationally. 

Teo Lanerva
Teo Lanerva is a lighting and video designer based in Helsinki. Most of his work is in contemporary performance and various events at small underground clubs or large festivals. Works designed by him have been exhibited in more than ten countries.

Elina Lifländer
Elina Lifländer is a stage designer, spatial artist and lecturer at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Her artistic works are focused on experimental performances and installation art, where invisible mental spaces meet the performance space and its audience.

The team

Choreography, text and songs: Mikko Niemistö
Performers: Karolina Ginman, Justus Kantakoski, Mikko Niemistö ja Johannes Vartola
Costume and Knitwear designer: Justus Kantakoski
Sound design and live music: Johannes Vartola
Lighting design: Teo Lanerva
Spatial design: Elina Lifländer
Artistic dialogue: Jenni-Elina von Bagh
Producer: Mikko Niemistö and Kiasma-teatteri

Supported by

Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Sat 24 Sep 2022 – 25 Sep 2022 Closed today


few clouds

Mannerheiminaukio 2
00100 Helsinki