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MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre
Installation March 11 – March 26, 2023
Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 C, Helsinki,
Opening hours: 
Tue-Fri 12-5 pm, Sat-Sun 12-4 pm, Free admission
+ For performance program dates and pre-registration, please see below! 

Exhibition Opening: Fri 10.3.2023 5–7pm. Welcome! 
Opening words:
Juhani Räisänen, Chair of Artists’ Association MUU
Tero Nauha, Professor, Live Art and Performance Studies, Theatre Academy
Onur Tayranoğlu, artist


I am touching a screen, tapping on the keys to articulate my love. My fingertips feel the electricity running between us, it travels to my nipple through the cable that is plugged into the hole behind.

Onur Tayranoğlu invites you to witness a transmedia showing that orbits around their current artistic research.

Unpacking the different degrees of that which is private, semi-private or public in regards to the physical and conceptual organisations of intimacy; Plug’n’Play is an ongoing performative inquiry imagined through cybersexual practices being taken out of their usual context and presented elsewhere, translated else how. 

Onur has been putting out a series of performances in the form of bodily and conceptual research. MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre will be hosting the byproducts of this performative process; alongside acting as an added space in which the performance will be recontextualized and reproduced with the witnessing of the audience.
Setting the grounds for a role-play, Onur has invited their collaborators Anna Pietilä, Jon Pettersson, Lempi Koponen over a span of five months, together forming a workgroup, walking and moaning towards a perhaps nonexistent climax, as artistic partners.

Obscuring the familiar confines of both the virtual and the actual, the personal and the cultural, they seduce the limits of performance to the extent of the materials and the methodologies being used throughout the installation. 

Edging for a while, the embodiment of Plug’n’Play seeks just the right amount of attention whilst keeping it uncannily mysterious, for the pleasure cycles to be completed. 

Until a next edging, Onur
(Text: Zeynep Yılmaz)

Plug’n’Play performances, pre-register! 
Installation/exhibition running during MUU opening hours. In addition, there are performances, please register beforehand! Duration of approximately 60 min, you are free to go, before the performance ends.

Sun 12.03. at 15:00 – pre-register here, please.

Sat 18.03. at 15:00 – pre-register here, please. ​

Sun 19.03. at 15:30 – pre-register here, please. ​

Sat 25.03. at 15:00 – pre-register here, please. ​

Sun 26.03. at 14:00 – pre-register here, please. ​

Anna Pietilä, Design for the performing arts program, 2nd year student.
Jon Pettersson, Sound design program, 2nd year student.
Onur Tayranoğlu, Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS), Master’s Thesis Project.
Lempi Koponen,  Dance program, 3rd year student.

Sat 11 Mar 2023 – 26 Mar 2023 12:00 – 17:00



Tallberginkatu 1 C,
00180 Helsinki